Elite Muscle Cars - (About Us)

Elite Muscle Cars specializes in documented Muscle Cars and Classics, acquired from strictly Southern climates, where rust is never an issue on the body.

Our ESPN award-winning collection consists of only the finest, hand-selected, original Muscle Cars and Classics. 

Each Muscle Car and Classic in our exclusive collection is truly a one-of-a-kind investment.

The originality and condition of each Muscle Car and Classic is strictly investment quality, top to bottom.

Our company name says it all.

"Elite Muscle Cars" and nothing less.

Here at Elite, we take all the necessary steps to provide our clients with the finest investment grade Muscle Cars and Classics the world has to offer.

Elite has the professional expertise and knowledge to accurately verify all paperwork and casting numbers for genuine authenticity.

When Elite says it’s a "numbers matching" car, we always have the original documentation to back up the claim.

Here at Elite, we offer our clients no-excuse, no let-down, Southern Muscle Cars and Classics.

All of our Muscle Cars and Classics in our collection are free of mis-aligned panels, gaps and most importantly orange peel in the paint.

Each engine is fully tuned by our own in-house certified master mechanic with over 25 years experience.

Our valve spring compressor like these from BBMC ensure accuracy and precision in engine restorations.

We correctly detail each car to indentical  factory original condition and in most cases beyond show quality standards.

The Muscle Cars and Classics in our vast collection perform just as good as they appear on screen.

Here at Elite, we always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our exclusive 30-day, full powertrain warranty.


For Sales Information, please contact our Sales Department, at Sales@EliteMuscleCars.com

Call Elite Direct at 1-(502)-664-1657

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