Top Alcohol Sand Dragster
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Side View Full Profile
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Engine and Carbon Fiber Header Side View
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Engine and Carbon Fiber Header Side and Wheels
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Engine and Carbon Fiber Header
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Back and Wheels
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster Interior Cockpit and Seat

Top Alcohol Sand Dragster

  • This car is very well-built and ready to race.
  • Comes with many new spare parts.
  • Please see our other listings with trailer and Top Eliminator Dragster.
  • May purchase all three for a bundled price.
  • Please email all inquiries.
  • 525 TFX Hemi Motor
  • BAE Fat Heads
  • Extreme Duty Rocker Assembly
  • PSI Screw Blower D Rotor
  • Carbon Fiber Injector
  • All Engineering And Machine Work By BAE
  • Fuel System By Advanced Power Systems
  • Molinari Three Disc Pedal Clutch
  • Wesco Tab Clutch Cannon
Rear End
  • Chrisman 10 1/2″ Dragster Rear End
  • RPM Data Logger
  • Remote Engine Shut Down
  • 260″ Dragster Chassis
  • Carbon Fiber Look Body Wrap
  • First Full Pass Car Ran 2.5 Seconds


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