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Collector's choice: Vintage Shelby GT500 Cobra with original paint and stripes

2020 Shelby GT500

Embrace the thrill of the 2020 Shelby GT500, a symbol of automotive perfection, chosen for its extraordinary power and unmatched driving experience

2022 Yenko Camaro

Discover the 2022 Yenko Camaro, a masterpiece of engineering and design, tailored for enthusiasts who seek a unique blend of speed and sophistication.

Performance unleashed: 2022 Shelby Super Snake with enhanced horsepower and racing stripes

2022 Shelby Super Snake

Experience the 2022 Shelby Super Snake, an epitome of raw power and elegance, custom-selected for those who demand unparalleled performance and style.

2023 COPO Camaro

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Newly Rebuilt
Top Eliminator Sand Dragster

Extremely well built and ready to race.

Newly Finished
Top Alcohol Sand Dragster

Extremely well built and ready to race.

Interstate Zieman 30' Enclosed Racecar Trailer

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"Buying a vehicle from Dan at Elite Muscle Cars was a great experience; his straightforward, honest advice, combined with a deep passion for these vehicles, made finding the perfect muscle car both easy and enjoyable. I love this car!"


Elite Muscle Cars: Rev Up with the Best in Camaros, Shelbys, and Unique Performance Machines

From the classic allure of Camaros and Shelbys to a variety of other exotic sports cars, Dan’s expertise and passion guide you to the perfect, thrilling ride.

High-performance 427 Ford Cobra engine, renowned for power and reliability


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